Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't Be Mad...

So, I know I said two days ago that I would post yesterday and I didn't. I really am sorry, my day was just TOO hectic. I was going to drag out these pictures so you have something crafty to look at for multiple days, but since I teased you and then left you hanging, I'm gonna hit you with the whole pile of loveliness. =) And these pictures are not the greatest ever (some have a little glare and some are a little grainy) but I snapped these very quickly before I took them to our local fair, where they will stay for a week. Anyways, something is better then nothing, so try to overlook the flaws!

Have a wonderful day! Amber


aja said...

thanks for visiting my blog!
I love what you did with the Jenni Bowlin kit. I might have to lift it!

doris said...

fabulous! you know i love that fsu one! and family heirloom is an awesome design! best of luck at the fair (or is it a festival?)! :D


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