Friday, February 10, 2012

Monogram Paintings

A few weeks ago (well, over a month ago, now!) I made this matching monogram wall hangings/door signs for two friends of my from high school who were having a double wedding Christmas themed shower. I saw these cute door signs in a local boutique store but they were TOO MUCH money, so I decided to adapt the idea and make my own.

I bought oval canvases and wooden initials from Hobby Lobby, gathered some Martha Stewart all-purpose paint, foam brushes and circle cut-outs (made with my Cricut) and went to town.

First, I roughly used the circles to get a general circle outline, then freehanded the large polka dots. For the smaller polkas, I used a lip balm cap (seriously!) and a pencil eraser (which, btw, if you wash right away, the paint comes completely off each item).

Then I painted the outer edges red.

I painted the initials red, then added a coat of glitter (which was so cute in real life, but hard to photograph!)

Then I added cute ribbons (red polka dot ribbon for the edge of the canvas & green striped for the hanging part) and made bows out of glittery tulle rolls (also from Hobby Lobby).

Voila! This project cost me about $10 apiece + time. And they seemed to really like them.


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