Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have been scattered a bit today:

I love Etsy. I have been doing some serious Christmas scouting and saving all my finds in a Favorites folder called "Christmas Gift Ideas." Original, I know. I put a few links on the side, for you to check out the homemade goodness as well.

My brother made top ten in homecoming court, so I have been making some fun signs to hold up for him at the game. It's fun to get out the magic markers and make quirky posters...it's been (can't believe it!!) three years since my high school days so it's a fun revisitation.

I have also been (sigh) sorting through a delightful (kidding) amount of junk mail, washing clothes, trying to reorganize my creative STUFF (!!) and looking through some magazines. I am seriously contemplating dusting, vaccuuming, baking cookies, reorganizing our files of information (currently it's in several semi-organized heaps), washing some more clothes, going to buy an answering machine and mailing some Ebay packages. I need to do all these things...and my schoolwork. Hmm. I have been a little slack in my theoretical Clean-As-You-Go concept, which means I have a bit more to do than usual.

I have so much to say but since I have so much to do, adieu.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scrapbook Layouts & Cards!

Sorry for the absence...been busy scrapping, going to school, church and working! AH! Can't be bored like that, huh? Here's a few layouts to tide you over!!

I made these today (quick & easy):

A old-fashioned Valentine I made for Adam last year:
A few pages from the album I made my husband as a wedding gift: A couple of cards I've made recently:Some random layouts: This page was published in Memory Makers' 601 Great Scrapbooking Ideas!!:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


is something I sometimes struggle with. The toggle between praying & reading the Bible, doing housework, attempting homework, and wanting to fulfill self-interests is a battle I fight daily. I have a lot on my plate - 5 classes, a busy, working, married life - and constantly (how is that possible?!) I fight against the accrual of messiness in my house (I'm talking clothes, dust, dirt, dirty dishes, the whole nine yards!) Plus, I love to scrapbook, which is a time-consumer in itself. You know what I mean?

Anyways, that's just the background music. The real post is that...though I struggle, there are still days of complete conquering - LIKE TODAY!! Because today I:

- listed most of the junk in my garage on Ebay
- finished up a monster pile of thank you cards that have been my best friend for months now (I just had the hardest time righting a little generic thank you for everyone, you know? So I have laboriously written heartfelt thank you cards...hundreds of them...for months now) AND I put those beautiful babies in the MAIL!
- made Adam breakfast AND lunch
- picked up the house (cleaned it Saturday)...trying to MAINTAIN!
- checked on my favorite blogs
- bought Opposites Attract Cricut Cartridge for super cheap on Ebay!
- am currently marinading steaks (with butter beans thawing in the fridge) AND all the other ingredients for dinner tonight sitting happily on the counter waiting for me.
- posted a blog entry!

And it's only 1 o'clock. Don't be jealous. No, really, don't be, it very rarely happens this way. ;)

Now, I am off to run some errands:
- cash checks
- find supplies for Wilna's online scrap class...
- then making dinner
- quiet time with the LORD for long time. =) (best time of the day!)
- and maybe, just maybe a bit of time for creative creations

...oh p.s. SURPRISE coming soon!

Pictures for the day! SoooooOOo0oooOOOooooo ready for fall, sweaters, chills, and crazy socks!

Some goodies I got from a Scrapbook Store in Atlanta - very cute and up-to-date!
Such a steal on Ebay (little under $2 apiece!) My happy favorites!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Jenni Bowlin August Kit

Here's what I made from the beautiful Jenni Bowlin August Kit:

Practically everything is from the kit....if you love it, check out her September kit here.


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