Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh Uncle Adam!

I think you are going to be a very good daddy one day! Photo taken at Red Elephant August 2010...Uncle Adam was the main dish!

Enjoy your day!! Amber

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pink + Green Prep!

It's random, but I always associate the color combo of pink + green with the word "preppy." Haha! And a polo with a flipped up color...anyways, made two little cards with this color combo...lots of yummy GCD Studios Artsy Urban on this one...which, by the way, the Homespun Chic paper pads are available now at Hobby Lobby if you happen to like them! Happy Monday! Amber

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Presley's Baby Shower Album

First off, sorry these pictures are so blurry...barely remembered to take pictures! This was the baby shower album I made to follow up Presley's baby shower...

This was the sign we hung on the door: also, the opening page with all the pertinent information + sonogram pictures! This has some detail shots and the baby shower party crew...
Then, there were several pages like this with advise cards (filled out by guests) and coordinating pictures...Then the closing page...

I kept the whole thing VERY simple because of my very busy schedule and sometimes, I think just having a book that is DONE versus a book that is very fancy and never gets completed, is definitely better...need to apply that to my scrapbooking philosophy...

Have a great day! Amber

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I've been MIA...for a long time. I superficially feel bad about it, but honestly, blogging is not as high of a "priority" (haha, I am using that very loosely) as you know...going to church, working, studying, spending time with my hubs, and having a clean house...the later two of which my success rate seems pretty slim anyways on a good day (at least right now)...sigh!

Hard to find a good balance! Anyways, a few posts are scheduled with some VERY simple crafty things (I get about 10 minutes every week or so of "free time")...haha!

But for today, here's some long overdue pictures from my mama's birthday...
A nice lady took a picture of the whole family!Taylor was VERY excited to help open the gift + card...I got my mama a photobook from Shutterfly...it turned out really cute!I love nap time pictures...She only wanted Uncle Adam and her mama...NOT Auntie Amber...she was so tired and NOT ready to get up!

It was a very good day. I love being together with family even though it seems so far and in between these days!! Can not wait until I have less on my plate!! =)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ten Favorites!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed scrappy week! There is one more post tomorrow! Today's post is about ten current favorite things...some are very serious and some are more lighthearted. I also used up some index prints so they would fit inside the paper frames I cut out...mostly American Crafts Craft Fair on this one...I just kept playing with the same stuff I had out I guess! This was definitely a favorite line of mine!! A close-up!
And another close-up!
Enjoy your weekend! Amber

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Fine Day...

A two-pager! Yes, it's true! I love two pagers, but rarely do them...I have no idea why! Anyways, trying to rectify it, I guess! Lots of paper-piecing on this one...pretty simple design...about our fun day with the Newtons to Shell Island & Boondocks! Thanks for stopping by! Amber

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scrappy Week Day Three!

So up today is a card set which I made with only the Craft Fair line (American Crafts), some cardstock, and glitter thickers...and I love how these turned out...all very different, yet similar! This polka dot paper is my favorite...
Cupcakes are so cute and yummy....
And finally....
Do you like them? I am such a fan of bright, crazy eclectic cards! Cards are so fun to put together, don't you think? I make a lot of cards because they're a quick-scrap fix, when I don't have time to really scrap a whole layout!
Thanks for stopping by! Amber

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blissful Birthday Pedis!

It's day two of scrapbooking week here on the ol' blog and today we have a layout about pedicures Melissa and I got on her birthday! We remembered to take pictures and I got them scrapbooked in the same year I took them...which I think I consider to be a small victory!! =)

Lots of AC I Do and a little Dear Lizzy on this one...super girly, cause well...that's what I like and I guess, because it's about pedicures, which is a pretty girly activity to me! Thanks for stopping by! Amber

Monday, August 2, 2010

Scrapbook Week!

So I have some goooood news...I have been hoarding up a collection of scrappy layouts, cards, and altered items for a fun *scrapbook week!* Yay! So, I've pre-posted a fun post every day this week! Hope you enjoy!

Here's whats up for today:

Kindof in keeping with my new philosophy - you know, the one where I actually scrapbook some of the picture I have developed...haha! Anyways, pictures are from last year on Adam's birthday...yummy Chili's Molten Lava Cake!

Happy Monday! Amber


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