Tuesday, October 14, 2008

La, la LAAAA!

Hello again! So! After a week of silence, I am happy to announce the testing is over for a few weeks! =) To those of you who commented on the giveaway post, please send me an email to amberscurlock@gmail.com with "Giveaway" as the subject line! Congratulations...you all WON!

OH! AND IF YOU LIKE FREE STUFF, CHECK OUT THE LINK IN MY SIDEBAR...600 FREE 4x6 PRINTS & 600 FREE 5x7 PRINTS FROM ARTSCOW!! (How does this work, you say? Well, you do have to pay shipping which, for 50 4x6s is about 3.99...but this is still cheaper than Winkflash's 6 cent deals, after shipping!! They also spread the credits out to 50 4x6 and 50 5x7 a month. If you join, be sure to check out the other free credits and discounts you can receive and also their referral program. I put my first order in about three days ago, so I'll let you know how the pictures turn out!)

On some creative notes, is anyone else is a Christmasy mood? I think I'm about to decide on a Christmas card design and start the assembly line up! =) I have also already picked several presents up (at a steal of a deal!) and have been on the lookout for some of my "harder to buy for" friends and family. If you're looking for gift ideas, check out my Etsy Christmas Guide (in the sidebar!) Here is a gift I made for a friends shower last year in December - check out the dollar bins at places like Target & Michaels for coordinated products (magnetic list pads, kleenex, etc) to finish off your gifts and make a matching card to top it off!

These were some ornaments my class at church made last year...it's an easy peasy dough recipe (flour and salt and water) with a little food coloring. Bake 'em up and seal em with protectant! Then layer them with glue and let your kids coat them with sequins, glitter, crafty foam shapes, or anything else. Sharpie their names and dates on the back once everything is dry. Stick a ribbon throught 'em and you're done!

Have a great day!

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