Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't Be Mad...

So, I know I said two days ago that I would post yesterday and I didn't. I really am sorry, my day was just TOO hectic. I was going to drag out these pictures so you have something crafty to look at for multiple days, but since I teased you and then left you hanging, I'm gonna hit you with the whole pile of loveliness. =) And these pictures are not the greatest ever (some have a little glare and some are a little grainy) but I snapped these very quickly before I took them to our local fair, where they will stay for a week. Anyways, something is better then nothing, so try to overlook the flaws!

Have a wonderful day! Amber

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tag Making

When I make tags for scrapbooking, or gift presentation, I love to have little quotes or sayings on them. It gives them a little more oomph or something. (Forgive these pictures, they were taken a long time ago with my old camera in my old bedroom...when I lived with my parents...before I was even engaged. Haha!) Anyways, this first one is just upcycled cardboard (thin kind) with some making memories glitter letters ("create"), a pink swirl stamped background and some little embellies - a ticket stub heart and some martha stewart polka wings.
Tags are such an easy way to experiment new things...this is a house chipboard shape (JBS studios) with some Martha pink polka paper, some purposely roughed up Heidi Swapp rub-ons & some craft glitter & ribbon to finish off the edges.
Here I was playing with a bunch of new stuff (at the time!) glitter sticky back paper, vintage buttons, and some fiberfill/tulle I had laying around. JBS butterfly chipboard, glitter silver pen.These little cuties above are a great way use up those flower diecuts (I have gazillions and make an adorable gift. Make 'em in batches! Little clay pots, painted. Glue foam pieces (with foam glue) up to about level with the top (try to get them as close to pot shape as possible) Glue some boa to top of foam and attach a paper, cardboard or thin wood object to a wood skewer. On opposite side of skewer, glue a mini clothespin. Voila, a recipe/note holder is born! Made these for a bunch of friends and they loved them!!
Have a wonderful day! Fresh scrapbooking layouts tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cinna-mmmm Rolls!!!

So for breakfast this morning, I made some yummy cinnamon rolls. My sweet, wonderful husband let me sleep in today (he would probably let me sleep in everyday, but I like to get up with him and make us breakfast and spend a few quiet minutes with him before our days start rolling) and since I've been battling a long-running cold/chest congestion, I slept. For a whole hour extra. Then woke up and lazily made some cinnamon rolls.

But now that I'm awake, there's work to be done!! On my to-do list today is voting, CLEANING MY HOUSE, finishing up my Peanut Festival layouts and homework and dinner at my mom's house with some of my favorite people: Melissa, Taylor & Tori-Bug!

I am wanting to make Christmas gift baskets with little homemade gifts and baked good, packaged cutely (like these pictures below). I think my color scheme this year is going to all shades of green with slight touches of red here and there. I have been accumulating lots of little cheap packaging products (tins & frames from yard sales and little jars and cute cardboard Martha packaging on clearance from Michaels) and collecting fun little recipes and sweet gift ideas from a VARIETY of sources. Christmas is always so fun. (I think I am going to make those cupcakes in green shades and those cutesy cupcake liner flowers for decoration/easy peasy non-traditional holiday bows!)
This is the day that the LORD has made, I WILL rejoice and be GLAD in it!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I spoke at my church briefly this past Sunday morning with three other young people and took a break from blogging/scrapping to make sure I gave God my best. As always, He was faithful, and annointed me to say what He would have me say. I give Him all the glory!

Today, though, I have been feverishly working to get my submissions together for the PEANUT FESTIVAL, which has a scrapbooking section that I entered last year and am planning to enter this year. It's this weekend! (I have 2 two page layouts finished, 1 ALMOST finished and 3 to go! Yikes!) Will post pictures when I'm done...hopefully by Thursday!) The spread I made today has LOTS of wonderful Jenni Bowlin and celebrates my favorite football team - can't wait to share!

I also signed up for this class at Sis (mostly because this lady is teaching and I love her ideas, style, blog, etc!) But also, it's such a great concept and it's a great way to learn from other teaching styles (five other teacher are teaching!). And only $30! Yay!Right after I signed up for the class, I went here and saw this awesome class - I'd love to take it, but it's a little pricey-er ($60). Still, that's only $2 a project so early Christmas gift to me, myself, & I?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday I got this AMAZING prize package from Jenni Bowlin! I am so grateful and excited! Thanks Jenni! There is so much fabulous, wonderful happiness right here! Can't wait to use it!
Over the past few days, I have been busy decorating for a sleepover we had last Saturday at my church...making oversized travel icons...
And helping the girls make personalized initial purses...there were 60 or so girls, and it took awhile (we did them in batches) but they all turned out so adorably...
Here's the one I made (for my littlest niece...)
Also been busy babysitting this sweet boy:

Will post more tomorrow! Have a fantastic day and OH! Before I go, I got my ARTSCOW pictures and they turned out great...ya'll should check it out (link on sidebar under clock)...1200 FREE PICTURES!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy as a Bee!

Sigh. I am having to QUICKLY post because I have work to be done, homework to be done, then class to go to, then church to go to and then I will probably be zapped. Blog's been on a drought because I have been working/cleaning/babysitting/cooking/etc. Anyone know what I mean? Being an adult means a lot of RESPONSIBILITY! =P Imagine that! I hope you are all doing wonderful. Hopefully tomorrow, we will have a picture happy post for your enjoyment! (Like pictures of Jenni Bowlin's WONDERFUL prize package that I got yesterday...thanks so much, Jenni!) Until then, check out this blog and this one. Two of my favorites!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creative Land!

As a child, I always had the bad habit of jumping from one craft to another, until I found scrapbooking/papercrafts. Sigh. I love it. However, I still like to try my hand at other things every now and then just for fun or for gifts. My husband's cousin is having a sweet baby girl and I made these appliqued easy and really not very expensive at all (though it is an investment of time if you are going to handsew them like I did!)
I also made a cute little bag & card/envelope...I wish I had taken a picture of the finished, packaged affair...I had a bright pink tin and some diapers and tissue paper, but alas! (p.s...sorry for the not so hot pictures, I was in a bit of a rush!)

On another note...check out the great steals from Michaels - Martha Stewart seam binding in gorgeous, glorious colors at 99 cents apiece...the Making Memories Passport line, Me & My Big Ideas...LOVE the fall line and it's all on sale! And a few extra 60% off goodies from Jo-Anns...altogether like $30. Hey, can't beat that, huh?

And I made these yummies earlier this week. I have tried sharing them with the decorating committee for the sleepover yesterday (more pictures later) and at our FSU get together last night but alas, I still have some left. What a non-nutritional breakfast!! =)

(BTW...WHAT A GAME! I wish we had won more emphatically, but it was still a win and we enjoyed hanging out with friends. Favorite part? When the woman reporter asks "How are you going to stop all the penalties?" Bobby replies "We start PRAYING" He's so funny. Second favorite part - when we barely miss like two touchdown throws, cause our guy isn't looking/has butter fingers/etc. Sad! p.s. DORIS - IT'S GREAT TO HAVE A FELLOW FAN...what did you think?)

Around the House...It's Fall!

After a long, practically sleepless night (we had a girl's sleepover at the church), I walked outside and it is quite nippy! For the sake of simplicity, here's some shots from around the house...fall has arrived! Fresh picked wildflowers...
I made this pillow by taking a 20 inch napkin (from World Market) and a 12 inch pillow form (from Hobby Lobby) and taking the four corners in the middle with a button. Idea courtesy of Martha Stewart "Good Things" a few months back. Love it! I have two more that I'm going to make to go along with this one! Seriously, it took ten minutes. Here's the back:
Happy little American Crafts chipboard accents scattered around a gold pumpkin...
My favorite Martha Stewart paper leaf wreath (from last year) and three IKEA vases I painted yellow and some happy little orange flowers (so cheap from Jo-Anns on clearance).
Going to bed now. =D Amber

Catch-Up Post

These are pictures from Trev's homecoming...and the signs discussed in a previous post, below!
Took a little trip to my parent's house yesterday to pick up some odds & ends & to see my was such a gorgeous day..And tonight...FSU plays...GOOOO NOLES!

Creative fun stuff to come soon, promise!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Mail Days

Dontcha love 'em? When you get happy little packages in the mail? I do, I do! Got my copy of this book (as seen on Martha Stewart) - how to make 30 ducktape and stapled purses (some are no-sew, others have a little sewing involved. After a quick glance through, I was thoroughly this! (P.S. got it on Ebay for $12 with free shipping!)
Also, got my copy of the Cupcakes & Coffee Class CD from Wilna....sigh. That class was so fun! Thanks Wilna!!

There are lots of little projects to show you soon, but for now, have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

La, la LAAAA!

Hello again! So! After a week of silence, I am happy to announce the testing is over for a few weeks! =) To those of you who commented on the giveaway post, please send me an email to with "Giveaway" as the subject line! all WON!

OH! AND IF YOU LIKE FREE STUFF, CHECK OUT THE LINK IN MY SIDEBAR...600 FREE 4x6 PRINTS & 600 FREE 5x7 PRINTS FROM ARTSCOW!! (How does this work, you say? Well, you do have to pay shipping which, for 50 4x6s is about 3.99...but this is still cheaper than Winkflash's 6 cent deals, after shipping!! They also spread the credits out to 50 4x6 and 50 5x7 a month. If you join, be sure to check out the other free credits and discounts you can receive and also their referral program. I put my first order in about three days ago, so I'll let you know how the pictures turn out!)

On some creative notes, is anyone else is a Christmasy mood? I think I'm about to decide on a Christmas card design and start the assembly line up! =) I have also already picked several presents up (at a steal of a deal!) and have been on the lookout for some of my "harder to buy for" friends and family. If you're looking for gift ideas, check out my Etsy Christmas Guide (in the sidebar!) Here is a gift I made for a friends shower last year in December - check out the dollar bins at places like Target & Michaels for coordinated products (magnetic list pads, kleenex, etc) to finish off your gifts and make a matching card to top it off!

These were some ornaments my class at church made last's an easy peasy dough recipe (flour and salt and water) with a little food coloring. Bake 'em up and seal em with protectant! Then layer them with glue and let your kids coat them with sequins, glitter, crafty foam shapes, or anything else. Sharpie their names and dates on the back once everything is dry. Stick a ribbon throught 'em and you're done!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hello! No layouts for today...swamped with studying for THREE major tests...AH, gotta love school!! But I do want to do a little giveaway! I somehow have two of these magazines, so one can be yours, by random drawing:

Plus, I have a hugely varied selection (some scrapbooking, some not, some old, some new, some purchased, some homemade) of "stuff" that I have's in need of a new happy home! ....SO! for everyone that leaves a comment, you WIN SOMETHING! (Make sure you send me your addy -!)

Let's say you have Monday night at midnight (Central Time) to leave a comment.

This may be all you get from me for the have a happy, beautiful week!


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