Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Pier Park Birthday

On the actual day of my birthday, Adam and I went out to Pier Park to have a little fun...a Five Guys burger (mmm!), and bought a few little things (like a dress shirt for Adam for $.80 at JCPenneys!!!)

Then on the following Thursday, I went with these two cuties and their mama to Pier Park again, but this time for a Red Robin burger and some rides at the Miracle Strip at Pier Park...my camera was a little foggy (it was so hot...to me at least!)
The giraffe...
Guess which one is Auntie Amber?! Oh yes, the white hand is hers! Haha!
At Red Robin...
with Ming-Ming...
My favorite little girls...
Kids are so funny. They instantly lighten everything. I (bravely) rode the ferris wheel with these two on the ONE condition they did not rock the seat...I am mildly (ha!) afraid of ferris wheels BECAUSE of the following reasons:

1. I remember my mom talking about getting stuck on the top of a ferris wheel and always being scared of getting "stuck" on a ferris wheel.
2. MAINLY, because when Adam and I were dating and I actually rode a ferris wheel, he ROCKED the seat so much (on purpose because I was so scared!) I seriously thought I was not going to make it off the thing alive.

Anyways, since then, ferris wheels are NOT my thing. So of course Uncle Adam rides the ferris wheel with Taylor at the Peanut Festival and so she and Tori call me a chicken. To prove them wrong, I rode it with them at Pier Park. I was scared. Taylor told me...I don't like it when you are scared. She then asked me, are you a lot, lot scared or a little scared? I said a little...and she moved...and I said, okay, A LOT! And she said okay, if you are a lot scared, I will be really still. She also kept saying things like look at the ocean it will make you feel better. Ha!

Well, I made it (obviously). On the next ride we got on (the Scrambler), Taylor looks at me and says I know Uncle Adam is mean to you, but I love you (and proceeds to hug me). I said WHAT?! Uncle Adam isn't mean to me! Why do you say that? She said, because he rocks the ferris wheel seat even when you are scared! I tried to explain that he was picking on me because he liked me, but she said..."Still, it's not nice."

Haha...well, what do you say to that?
So hilarious. I am still laughing about it!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Barett's Dedication

Our sweet nephew after his baby dedication at our church. (Somehow I don't have shots of the whole family on our camera?)

But I do have lots of shots with the #1-Baby-Bear-Hogger...UNCLE ADAM!
Oh little bear...your Uncle Adam loves you so much!
He wants to be around you all the time...
And, well, he hogs you. Pretty much unashamedly.
But scrapbooker Auntie Amber doesn't mind...cause she gets lots of pictures of you AND Uncle Adam...
Which, well...is sortof a miracle! Good work, baby Barrett!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thank You Card-stravaganza...

So...about a week and a half ago, Britney and Jaylin (hope I spelled your names right!) came over and we had a card making extravaganza since Britney is moving to Pensacola and needed some thank you cards for her last day at work...

Jaylin also worked on some thank you projects...
So adorable!
And Britney and I made a small army of cards...
It was so fun!
Here is Britney with some of her cards...
And up close shots of her cards...
And some close up shots of my cards...
There was some crazy lighting because it was 9:30 or so when I took these pictures, but you get the idea! We got so much accomplished...and it was really, really fun. :)

Thanks for helping me put a dent in the "store" ladies (okay, haha, it was barely a dent!)
Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Surprise 50th Vintage Birthday Party pt. 2

Welcome to part 2 of the surprise birthday party,
which I shall dub "The Shocked Face was Worth It All."
Hahaha! I kill myself with my corny jokes.
But this is the face I'm talking about...
Here's the details...we had the partyat Adam's cousin's barn, and Adam's sister & cousin did a lot (most) of the work...we went with a "vintage" theme instead of an "over the hill"/black theme so that she wouldn't feel sad (and so we could decorate better). We told her it was a Scentsy party...which she believed entirely, and then had the barn door roll up with everyone in the room screaming surprise. But she didn't understand what we said. Haha. So Megan had to explain it was her surprise birthday party.

Here are some pictures:
We had strings of pictures of her growing up as banners...and a beautiful vintage cake and collections of vintage stuff clustered together...
The sign in area...everyone made a card with a memory of her and I made a birth to present scrapbook of her life...
We made a photobooth with old, colorful quilts hung up on a storage rack...
Like below, with a photo with the seven of us (though baby Barrett was barely even visible at this point!)
It turned out VERY cute. And she loved it.

And this concludes pt. 2, "The Shocked Face was Worth It All."
At some point in the future, I'll post the scrapbook of her life, and the memory book I made.
Enjoy your FRIDAY! :) Amber

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Surprise 50th Birthday Party pt. 1

Soooo. Back around this time last year (2010), my sister in law and I concocted a plan to throw my mother-in-law a surprise 50th birthday party, for her birthday in December.

We had a game plan - thwart whatever plans she had for us to do on the Saturday following her birthday by taking her and Stephen (who has the same birthday as her, ironically) out to Chilis for her birthday and giving her very surprising and good gifts, so as to make her happy and think her birthday was really over.

Then on the next Saturday, throw a huge surprise party with all her family and friends.

This is part one, which I will call "THE THWARTING"

Okay, so Chilis means...molten lava cake on your birthday!
Then...Adam & I gave her a Vera Bradley purse she was wanting, Megan gave her a Sorrelli necklace and Adam's dad gave her pearls.
I also made her a really cute vintage card...but it's on my computer that is currently packed away because we had TERMITES in a room of our house and said room is currently demolished...so, it will be up at some point, but not today.

And Stephen's card...
See tomorrow for part two of the surprise...


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