Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creative Land!

As a child, I always had the bad habit of jumping from one craft to another, until I found scrapbooking/papercrafts. Sigh. I love it. However, I still like to try my hand at other things every now and then just for fun or for gifts. My husband's cousin is having a sweet baby girl and I made these appliqued easy and really not very expensive at all (though it is an investment of time if you are going to handsew them like I did!)
I also made a cute little bag & card/envelope...I wish I had taken a picture of the finished, packaged affair...I had a bright pink tin and some diapers and tissue paper, but alas! (p.s...sorry for the not so hot pictures, I was in a bit of a rush!)

On another note...check out the great steals from Michaels - Martha Stewart seam binding in gorgeous, glorious colors at 99 cents apiece...the Making Memories Passport line, Me & My Big Ideas...LOVE the fall line and it's all on sale! And a few extra 60% off goodies from Jo-Anns...altogether like $30. Hey, can't beat that, huh?

And I made these yummies earlier this week. I have tried sharing them with the decorating committee for the sleepover yesterday (more pictures later) and at our FSU get together last night but alas, I still have some left. What a non-nutritional breakfast!! =)

(BTW...WHAT A GAME! I wish we had won more emphatically, but it was still a win and we enjoyed hanging out with friends. Favorite part? When the woman reporter asks "How are you going to stop all the penalties?" Bobby replies "We start PRAYING" He's so funny. Second favorite part - when we barely miss like two touchdown throws, cause our guy isn't looking/has butter fingers/etc. Sad! p.s. DORIS - IT'S GREAT TO HAVE A FELLOW FAN...what did you think?)

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doris said...

what sweet onsies . . . i love the birdie! :D

i didn't know martha had seam binding!!! must stop at michael's after church sunday! :D

proud to bleed garnet and gold! :D


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