Saturday, October 4, 2008

God is so good!

I feel so full right now. Full of love and happiness and joy! One thing that simply amazes me about my God is how wonderful He really is. Not only did His Son die for me in my sin; not only does God constantly forgive me for my many failures, not only does God love me unconditionally, but He keeps me and blesses my life in everything - big and small. He gives me the desires of my heart, answers my prayers and hears my cries. Words can not express it, really. I just feel the need to proclaim His goodness to the world. To anyone that will hear.

For example, I have really been wanting a printer. We can afford to buy one, but the one I really want (wide format) is pretty expensive, and I really want to wait until we get some things we really need, before I buy something like that. I go to the yard sale at Restoration Home this morning and there is a brand new, all-in-one printer for $5. You might be thinking, "Oh, Amber, that is just lucky!" No, my friends, that is how good my God is. To give me the desire of my heart. I am sometimes reminded in my personal prayer time of a lesson I once learned about Hezekiah. Though God gave him blessings abundantly and healed him of a deadly disease, when the men of foreign beliefs came to see his wealth, he proclaimed it as something he had done and gave no glory to God. This often pricks at me, because I know that I have been blessed beyond measure - I must give glory to God!

That is just a little glimpse of my heart. Today is also World Card Making's a few I've made this week! =) Have a blessed day!


Cami said...

Your cards are so cute! I love the thank you card.

almadr said...

and i love the Christmas one - these sequins look gorgeous!


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