Monday, November 3, 2008

Peanut Festival Update!

So! I won first place in the pets and birthday divisions (the "Taylor & Shadow" page and the "Enjoy your Birthday" below) and honorable mention on the Honeymoon page. The scrapbook division has really grown from last was HUGE! The Festival itself was really fun as well, we ate roasted sweet corn, corn dogs from the famous Corn Dog Man, dippin' dots, pizza, all kinds of tasty fair food! Adam only played two games (I am a stickler about games...they are very expensive and your chances of winning are usually very slim) and HE WON something at both of them....this GIANT tiger and bat. I kept saying, "Oh, don't spend five dollars on that, there's no way you can win..." haha, he just had to prove me wrong.

So it was really fun. Pictures soon!

On another note, I bought some great stuff on Ebay from this woman...and found out, she is the owner of twogirlzstuff Etsy shop! She really did a GREAT job shipping my stuff ASAP and included a lot of extra freebies...which is always so exciting and fun. Here are some pictures below:

Have a terrific day! Amber

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