Friday, January 29, 2010

Tin Roof!

I love Blue Bell's Tin Roof Ice Cream. It's a seasonal flavor, so it's only around for three months or so every so often. It is delicious. It is not helping my watch-what-I-eat-diet that I happened to see it and remember how much I loved it and bought it.
It is just so yummy! Photo courtesy of lesleyraez via

I promise to post crafty pictures next week...I don't know where this week has gone! =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm a Working Girl!

This was my first day of work outfit. I bought a pretty, bright yellow ruffled shirt, but chickened out on wearing it the FIRST day. Ha!I had a particularly good hair day, which was a relief, all things considered. =)
Blurry but what can you do? A wife only gets exactly two pictures before the patience wears out...I just have to learn to have the settings perfect if I want a good, unblurry picture of know, TOGETHER. Haha! I'm kind of kidding...he would have taken more on this particular day, but I had to leave!My parents and my Nanny & Pops sent these to my work...I was *SO* excited! =)
Aren't they pretty?

Well, that's all folks. I worked on quite a bit of crafty stuff over the weekend, but it's mostly stuff I can't show yet...hopefully soon! =) Have a good day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

After My Own Heart

Miss Taylor is one of my favoritest people in the world because 1) she is funny, 2) she is as cute as all-get-out, 3) she has good fashion sense (thanks in part to her mother!), and 4) she loves pretzel bites with cheese. =D

We went (a long time ago...I'm sorely behind in posting these!) to the mall and rode the train, and looked at clothes and toys and then - ate pretzel bites with cheese! She was in love with the cheese...too cute! =)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Little Girls Are Made Of...

I bought this kit with an album, pages and embellishments as T.J. Maxx (actually, I bought in hopes that I will have a little girl one day) and made Melissa a (mostly) chronological scrapbook of the girls in 2009. It's 8x8 and I used a lot of stuff from my stash too. I had a lot of fun with far, scrapbooking is still my favorite thing to do!
One of my favorite pictures of all time...

Thanks for stopping by the blogeroo...enjoy your day! =)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Handmade Calendars Part Two

I made Melissa one of these calendars too! You can see what parts are the actual background and what parts I embellished on my own, by comparing them to this post with the calendar for my family! Can you believe how cute these two are?
This is my favorite page...I love that little sock monkey and all the cute pillow flower stickers...
Look at those little pigtails!
I love these two pictures A LOT!

Enjoy your day!! =)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mixed Emotions

I've been really busy for good I start a new, full-time job as a staff accountant at a local firm. I'm excited, nervous, and naturally, a bit of a worrywart.

I'm also pretty sad in some aspects, because I loved working at Pinch-A-Penny...and loved the people I worked with! (Plus, the hours were pretty great too, haha!) I also had a really flexible boss who was very generous and a good friend. (When Adam and I got married, David - my boss - paid for our honeymoon stay!) I also love David's family...we go to church together....and I babysat his kids as my first "real" job....and his wife is a fellow scrapbooker!

There's a wonderful story behind how I got the job I start today and I decided I want to share it. It's a little lengthier than what I normally post, but I think it's worth reading! I have been job hunting for almost six months with only ONE interview out of many, MANY applications and passed out resumes. The Monday after Christmas we found out that Adam was getting laid off, which was obviously pretty scary, since at the time I had a part-part-time job and we have a pretty hefty mortgage payment. We were praying and just asking the Lord to show us what to do, and the following day I went to the local WorkForce center and passed out resumes (some more!). A week later, I had two interviews, one of which resulted in a really amazing job offer IN MY DEGREE FIELD!! (I thought I had exhausted most options in my degree field area!) Most amazingly of all, perhaps, was that Adam's last day at his job was also the day I received my job offer. We are both in awe of how perfect and timely our God really is! We give HIM all the glory! =)

We were told recently to look at difficulties as an adventure, as an exciting opportunity to see God at work! It's hard to do at times when you're in a situation seemingly with no solution, but Adam and I can testify that God has always been faithful to us.

And, because I can't post without a picture, a good friend of ours got us a gift card for Christmas, and we had a nice New Year's dinner at Carrabba's....yuuuum!
Have a wonderful day! A

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Purging the Scrapbook Room!

So since we don't have any kids...and since I have so much STUFF, we turned our spare bedroom into a "hobby"/study room. Mostly it's overwhelmed by my scrapbooking supplies, but as we're trying to sell our house, it had to go through a major new year's purge. Here's some "worse-before-it-gets-better" shots. About halfway through...
Finally clean!! I bought a foldable six foot white table until I can commit to a desk that I REALLY like. Most of the stuff in here was bought at yard sales...altogether I think I spent less than $100 for all the major stuff. I love yard sales! =)
I got the big bookcase for $10 at a yard sale and I got the tall paper organizer when our LSS was my "big splurge" at around $50.
I got these cheap-o bin deals for $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond (actually, I used a gift card so technically it was free!)
Got these for Christmas this year.My mom bought me this a few Christmases ago...LOVE IT! It is the reason I decided to go with white stuff.
This bookcase cost me $15.
I got this over the door hanger for a buck at a yard sale!

I always love seeing other people's space, so I thought I would share mine too. =) Enjoy your day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're Engaged!

And married! Now, for over a year and half! And I'm just now scrapping these! Yikes! Haha!
The challenge over at American Crafts this week was to scrap a layout in 30 minutes or I decided to play along...mine took exactly 22 minutes. =) Yay for quick pages!
I just went for a simple background, 2 4x6 photos and layered on lots of Thickers and embellishments! Easy peasy!
Supplies Used:
Patterned Paper, Flair, Journaling Spots, Stickers: American Crafts
Pearls & Super Tiny Circles: K & Co.
Buttons: Michaels
Thanks for looking! Have a fantabulous day! =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finishing Up Christmas

Wellllll, I have been extremely busy...purging, cleaning, working, etc. I hope to have quite a few things to share in the next couple of days, but until then, I'll have to share the last remnants of Christmas....Adam's sister and her husband got snowed in and weren't able to make it back in time for Christmas festivities so we exchanged presents at our house....
Instead of bows this year, I made red and green pom-poms using my wonderful pom-pom maker...and I bought some plaid wrapping paper from Hallmark to finish off a sort of homespun look. =) Yeah, I'm cheesy like that! I also made this frame with GCD Studios Artsy Urban line...I'll have to locate a better picture of this (can't seem to find it right now!)
Handmade Christmas part two and three and four is coming soon. Then I will stop with the Christmas posts in January! =D


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