Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Three Things...

...I am loving right now.

1) All the lovely Valentines goodies marked down 75-80%...I have stocked up on crafts for the class next year, candy for everybody (my class, Adam's class, Taylor & Tori, etc.) and all scrapbooking things pink, red, purple or Martha Stewart. It's lovely. And, oh so cheap. Maybe I will take pictures of the loot! =)

2) Having credits for two free photo books at Shutterfly. I am not exactly sure how I got was through an email, but anyways, I am making this one and this one.

3) Crepe paper. Seriously, it is the cheapest thing to buy (especially on clearance!) and it just makes me happy. There is SO much you can do with it. Delightful.

Thought for today:
Expect great things from God.
Attempt great things for God.

Happy Wednesday! Amber

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Plans

...for today!

Already, I have filed our taxes and caught up on miscellaneous necessaties (bills, picking up, etc.) I have a list of things to be done today. What's new?

Yesterday was a dear friends 40TH birthday and I made this cute & easy card (it's a poster sheet folded in half) for her...with plenty of room for all the kids in our church class to "sign" it (translation: scribble!) Forgive the pictures...the lighting was really wretched!

That's it for today! =) Amber

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day: An Epic Story

Haha, okay, so it's not epic. In fact, there really isn't even a plot OR a climax!

Valentines Day 2009: in Pictures

I picked Taylor up and we went to the Chick-fil-A indoor park (after an all night and morning rain drenched the outdoor park) and I "helped" (translation: played) with Taylor.
Taylor: "Auntie Amber, help."
Me: "Taylor, you don't need my help."
Taylor: (pause) "Come with me"
(I honestly can't count how many times we repeated this same conversation...basically every time I tried to sit on the bench with the newspaper-reading, non-sweating Adam.)
After playing for a long time, stopping by to see Grandma & Grandpa, and then running through McDonalds for some Happy Meal love, I took Taylor home.
Then I went home and packaged up some cards I made for my own Valentines:
Then Adam & I exchanged Valentines gifts...

My parents got us each a gift card (mine to Michaels, Adams to Starbucks) and my Nanny & Pops also gave us some money.
To say that my Valentines Day was delightfully busy would be a rather shocking understatement. To say that my Valentines Day was decidedly yummy would be a rather delectable fact. To say that my Valentines Day was definitely "the-best-everrrrr" would just be the honest truth. =)

On another happy note, these little cookies make me one SERIOUSLY HAPPY CAMPER. Mmmm...Tagalongs!

=) Amber

Friday, February 13, 2009


...VALENTINES Day to you!

Here's a look at one of the "sweet" little gifts I have been working on:
A "Cup of Love" for Adam...
I'll try to post close-ups later...

I've also made a handful of handmade Valentines for those near and dear to my heart...(pictures soon!) and inside several of these cards are recipes I bought (according to what I know each person loves!) from this GREAT RESTAURANT RECIPE SITE.
In fact, what I am making Adam for dinner tonight is T.G.I.Fridays Spinach-Artichoke Dip, Olive Garden's Fetticiuni Alfredo, and Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake....MMMMM!
I have so much to show you, but for this moment, I am about to pick up my cutie-pie Taylor for a little Happy Valentines Day Fun!!
Hope yours is the beeeesssttt! =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet Treats...

If you like cupcakes...or can't decide what to get for your sweetie...Cold Stone has created the cutest little ice cream cupcakes! I think they look absolutely scrumptious! They are only available for a limited time, $9.99 for 6. Check them out here!

Happy Wednesday! Amber

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Classes & Tests

So I have been busy, as usual...tests, and classes and a bout with a cold for a day or two. All of which has meant a neglected just can't do it all, you know! =)

Doris Sander was so nice to invite me to take her class, Product Pizzazz on the house, and I, of course, was thrilled to my toenails to say YES! I "met" this lady through winning 2nd place in Jenni Bowlin's contest (post here)...and she has so nicely posted comments on my blog ever since! The lesson's are in PDF format so that you can work on your own pace at your own time.

Since Adam is usually gone on Saturdays (deer season...or duck season...or turkey season...), my goal is to clean/maintain the house + study/do homework during the week, so that I can do creative things on the weekend. Recently, that hasn't happened (due to about a month of deep cleaning/purging), but yesterday, I got right out of bed andddd: cleaned, washed (washed & washed & washed) clothes, paid bills, crushed soda cans, went to work, estimated our taxes, changed the sheets, folded clothes, went by sams, and cooked dinner....SO! This week, I have a pretty good head start!! =)

I hate posting without a picture or two, so here's a couple random shots:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


A few favorite links + thoughts for today:

1) Martha Stewart's Handmade Valentines Day Workshop - sign up for emails here.

Some new favorite Etsy shops:
2) Heather Knitz, especially these cuties...if you have a little girl, how can you not want to make/buy these little jokers?
3) Mud Pottery...with lots of heart.
4) Dandy Apples, love these poppy clips.
5) Tuscany Studios, love this print.
6) Murdock Designs, love these.
7) Along the same lines as #2, WainbowMudd.
8) Finally, love this fabric from Of Paper and cute for little baby onesie applique.

I really love Valentines day...mostly because I'm girly and tons of pink & hearts & lace is really appealing. I have been working on a little craft project for Adam's Valentines Day gift, but it's a secret until the 14th...just in case he checks in on the blog!

I also am making a very small something for a handful of people who are close to me to remind them just how thankful I am to God for people who I love and who love me back. So, you have all that to look forward to in just a few days.

For now though, it's the weekly homework/clean/cook/school routine. It seems that creativity is mostly for the weekends. =) Happy Tuesday!


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