Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting Ready: Part One

We've ordered and assembled baby furniture!
(While watching Wimbledon!)
We've picked out and installed new carpet in his room!
And...we're trying to find a truck for Daddy so he can haul Jackson around when he needs to (all he has now is a work truck).
And Mama (me) has been working on finding fabrics for Jackson's room...and prepping with Grandma (my mom!) to make Jackson's bedding and a few other little things.
Preparing for a baby is a lot of work..but it's so fun, I can barely call it work! :) I'm having such a good time researching things and planning crafty projects for our little man! (That's not to say I haven't had my share of pregnancy meltdowns/exhaustion or anything - because I have! Ha?! - but mostly everything so far has gone smoothly and we are very thankful!!)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gender Reveal Appointment & Party!

So I had teetered on the edge of whether to have a "gender reveal" party or not.  The concept (to me, at least!) originally seemed a teensy bit over-the-top.  But in the end, Adam and I thought it would be more fun than ridiculous and we kept the guest list to really close friends and family, so, we went with it.  In our minds, it was kindof like having the suspense of finding out what it is at the hospital...only a little sooner! However, I was determined to keep it minimal and focus on being together (and eating!) more than crazy decorations and fancy food.  (The fact that we found out what the baby was the morning of the party, definitely helped reign in my tendency to over-do, in spite of my best intentions!!)  I printed out the invitations using some stashed away Martha Stewart folded cards & patterned paper bows and ties.
Then, we went to our appointment.  My mom came with us, but she stayed outside when they told us what it was!  She could hardly stand it.
The very nice ladies who did my sonogram and were really funny!
Us: the Daddy and Mommy to be!
Me and my Mama
Well, after Adam and I found out what it was, I went home to prepare for the party.  The only real "decorations" we had was the guessing board and a blue and pink onesies with our chosen names on them (I used stickers so I could recycle the onesie of the gender we DIDN'T have!)
I had this idea to combine my love of pictures and the guessing board.  So I used my handy (thank you, Sis. Mary Ann!!) Instax camera to take everyone's pictures and each person wrote their guess (Boy or Girl) on the bottom with a sharpie and taped it to the board with washi tape.  After the party, I glued all the pictures with their guesses into Baby Scurlock's baby scrapbook!
Then I went to pick up my two cute nieces from daycare and got them baths and their new "color appropriate" clothes (we asked everyone who came to wear pink or blue in honor of their guess!)  Then they calmly sat on the couch with Uncle Adam (for a few minutes at least!)
We also scheduled to have a cake made and I thought it turned out so, so, so cute!
We were going to wait until after we ate to cut the cake, but no one could stand it, so we cut it before we ate....IT'S A BOY!!
Us with the cake!
We sent everyone home with a little pack of highlighted hershey bars (an idea which I totally stole from Pinterest.)
It was a night full of fun and laughs and wonderful friends and family.  It was a little crowded in our house, but all in all, it was one of the "funnest" nights we've ever had.  We are incredibly blessed with a whole lot of people that love us (and who we love!) and are very excited to welcome our baby boy into the world!

Friday, July 13, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted!  I've been busy - you know, growing a baby (!!!!) and preparing for him!!  Yes, we're having a boy!! :)  Here's my weekly pregnancy shots from Week 13-Week 24 to tide you over until I find time to blog about our gender reveal appointment and party, and all the progress/exciting things we're working on for little Jackson's room. Plus some random crafts, cards & layouts I've got stashed away to day! :)


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