Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday I got this AMAZING prize package from Jenni Bowlin! I am so grateful and excited! Thanks Jenni! There is so much fabulous, wonderful happiness right here! Can't wait to use it!
Over the past few days, I have been busy decorating for a sleepover we had last Saturday at my church...making oversized travel icons...
And helping the girls make personalized initial purses...there were 60 or so girls, and it took awhile (we did them in batches) but they all turned out so adorably...
Here's the one I made (for my littlest niece...)
Also been busy babysitting this sweet boy:

Will post more tomorrow! Have a fantastic day and OH! Before I go, I got my ARTSCOW pictures and they turned out great...ya'll should check it out (link on sidebar under clock)...1200 FREE PICTURES!


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