Thursday, December 31, 2009


This has been in the works for quite some time, but I finally got a BlackBerry...and it such a handy little thing...I love it! =) Heehee! I'm more up to tech now! =D

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Presents

I got sooo many wonderful presents this year...Adam and I are SO thankful for both sides of our families and are (every year, more so!) in awe of their insane generousity. That said, there is no way I can even get EVERYTHING I got on here, it was so much!!, so I just want to highlight some of the things I was super excited about getting...

My sweetie pie husband bought me some beautiful pearls...and it was a total surprise, which made it even better! From Adam's parents: a very "me" Vera Bradley purse... ...and a Cricut Expression!!!!! To say I was DELIGHTED would be like, the understatement of the year. =D!My Nanny took me shopping and I picked out this dress, which I LOVE, along with lots of other things, including some spending money!

From my parents...they got me SO much too...lots of things I have been wanting but never buy...she just knows me so well, it's amazing. I love you, Mama! Thanks to you and Daddy for everything, I loved each and every single thing!!

I am super excited to finally be getting this book...I've already looked through it a couple of times...I just love her style!
I also got lots of gift cards, yummy candy, and tons of other stuff I wanted. Adam got tons of stuff too, and we are amazed at how blessed we really are! =)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WonderPets T-Shirts & Part Two!

I think I may have to do a part three! I have TOO many pictures...

Adam & I with lots of lovely red eye and flash glare....hey, what can you do?? I just don't have time to edit all these! HEEE!Me & Daddy!
Bryan looking at the scrapbook I made Melissa of the girls.
My Mom and Dad love babies too...a lot.
The Taylor & Tori dolls...I was SO excited about how the pigtails turned out! =) stinkin' sweet is this???And, quite arguably my proudest and most time-consuming handmade project of all time, I made Tay & Tori both matching Ming-Ming (from the Wonder Pets tv show) shirts...these took such a long time, but it was my first time with really detailed applique and I had NO IDEA how many tools and secret techniques there are out there that could have made this a lot easier....BUT in the end, I was super pleased with how they turned out and they were SOOO excited when they opened them, which makes it doubly worth it!! =)
This photo just makes me happy!
And so does this one. My mom is so cute.

I made Melissa a calendar with the girls and a scrapbook (kindof a year in review deal)....those pictures coming soon!

Monday, December 28, 2009

So Much To Share!!

Christmas was really wonderful, I have so many pictures + stuff to share! I'll try to do it all kinda in order....we did Christmas with the cuties, Bryan, Melissa, Heath, Mandy and little Savannah at my parent's house the Sunday night before Christmas...lots of handmade fun (it'll have to be another post...too many pictures, haha!).

They were so ready to OPEN PRESENTS! But wait, first, we must achieve picture hair! And a pretty camera pose! Haha!
My husband has baby fever.
So pretty, Miss Taylor!
Grandma got Taylor a fun sound book!
Ripping the wrapping paper is the FUNNEST part!
Oh look! Tori got a fun Dora sound book!
Taylor was really intent on opening this present!
Did I mention my husband loves babies?? So endearing (when it's other people's babies!!)
Taylor picked out this nail polish...but she was still excited when she got it, haha!
Taylor looooooooooves Uncle Adam!!
Mommy opening her gifts...
I made these Taylor and Tori dolls...Taylor wasn't really all that thrilled initially, but Tori kept hugging them and saying awww! It makes all those hours of cutting and sewing (okay, slight exaggeration, haha!) worth it.

Part two coming soon! =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My husband is VERY sad that I have neglected my blog for almost a week....But very happy I am updating now! And REALLY happy that the presents have been bought and wrapped (by his wife), the practices and parties and activities have all been attended, the goodie baskets baked and passed out, all the handmade presents finished, and probably, most of all....that his wife is still sane (haha!)...or maybe it's that giant present with his name on it under the tree? Who really can know?!Really, though, we wish you a very Merry Christmas...may Jesus be in the very center of everything you do in the next two days! =)
It is apparent to me from the picture above that I need to lay off the rice krispies...right after Christmas! =D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Colorful Deer Pajamas and Free Food!

I have been working on looooots of crafty stuff for Christmas, but it will have all to wait another 9 or 10 days to be posted so! These are a couple really exciting purchases I made recently...

One $7 pair of extraordinarily cute flannel deer pajama pants...I've really needed new pajama pants for a really long time, it's an early Christmas present to me! They're from Old Navy, but it looks like they're sold out of this particular pattern online! And...THIS ...Adam and I buy each other one of these EVERY year for's just such a good idea...and cute too!

I'll try to make something crafty to share (haha, maybe!) today!

Hugs! Amber

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Little Loves...

I kept the cuties a couple weeks back and these are some overdue pictures for their mom...are they adorable?!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cards!!

Last year, I didn't even send out Christmas cards...and it made me sad. I LOOOOVE getting Christmas cards (I'm obsessive over it, actually...I just love getting MAIL!) and this year, after winning blank red & green cards in an Elle's Studio giveaway, I decided to use supplies on hand to make the "same" cards, but with different supplies...I loved how they turned out! Here's the full shot of all of them...And a few of them individually...most were these or similar patterned papers with slight grouping variations...
I used American Crafts glitter green embossing powder and embossing this on the insides...

Happy to have them mailed and done! =) Happy Monday!


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