Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peanut Festival 2010

So, very belatedly, here is a recap of the Peanut Festival "weekend adventure" for 2010...Taylor spent the night with us at Adam's parents house...oh the sweet little bed hair!
Immediately upon waking, it was requested that I paint Tay's nails with GLITTER nail polish...
There was tree bouncing...
(And subsequent pictures)
And pecan scouting...Taylor reminds me so much of myself - whatever she puts her mind to, she is a little overachiever. Find pecans? Yes, let's not stop until we find them ALL!
Seriously, we found quite a few.
Oh and another thing, we like to pose and take lots of cute pictures and then look at them together.
Then Princess Taylor got a four-wheeler ride with Uncle Adam - who didn't want to take cute pictures...but, notice who did...
But then Uncle Adam snagged this cutey picture to make Auntie Amber happy...
Up close on the glitter nails.
Then Taylor decided to try this pose (on her own!) to show off her nails...hahaha! Adorable!
She also realized how cute she is with Auntie Amber's giant pink flower headband on her!
Case in point...
There was also a lot of playing with Meg's old teddy bears...and perhaps a picture with every single one of them?
Oh, and lots of giggling.
Then...the Peanut Festival! She has Uncle Adam wrapped around her finger...

For example: Cotton Candy? Sure, darlin'!
Want to ride on my shoulders so you can see everything? Hop up!
Want a ride on the fun slide? Ask Auntie Amber who is scared of heights because that will be funny. (Ha! Not. But I did it anyways.)
This is my that-was-sort-of-fun-but-I'll-never-admit-it-to-Adam face (below). Ha. Also, notice my death grip on Taylor. You know, for safety purposes.
But even after all that fun with Auntie Amber, who did she want? That's right...Uncle Adam.
So the next scary ride was all his! The ferris wheel!
She loved this little pony and cart and took a million pictures on it.
All of which were so crazy cute.
They have these interactive farm exhibits where you can play free games and do fun versions of "farm chores."
The three of us!
And a shot of Uncle Adam playing a throwing game...he only plays two games (he can hardly stand to spend the money on those two) and this is one of them.
Then, we went home. Taylor was so tired and kept waking up disoriented, so I rode in the back with her to keep her company.

What else? Oh I put some scrapbooking layouts in and won several prizes, but due to a policy change regarding pickup, I probably won't be putting any in this year.

There was a lot more, but I quit taking pictures. Which is weird...but I guess once Taylor started getting tired, I was holding her a lot more and couldn't.

Wow. I've had some wordy picture posts, lately. :)
Oh well, I'm sure Melissa and my mom appreciate them..haha!

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