Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WonderPets T-Shirts & Part Two!

I think I may have to do a part three! I have TOO many pictures...

Adam & I with lots of lovely red eye and flash glare....hey, what can you do?? I just don't have time to edit all these! HEEE!Me & Daddy!
Bryan looking at the scrapbook I made Melissa of the girls.
My Mom and Dad love babies too...a lot.
The Taylor & Tori dolls...I was SO excited about how the pigtails turned out! =)
Aw...how stinkin' sweet is this???And, quite arguably my proudest and most time-consuming handmade project of all time, I made Tay & Tori both matching Ming-Ming (from the Wonder Pets tv show) shirts...these took such a long time, but it was my first time with really detailed applique and I had NO IDEA how many tools and secret techniques there are out there that could have made this a lot easier....BUT in the end, I was super pleased with how they turned out and they were SOOO excited when they opened them, which makes it doubly worth it!! =)
This photo just makes me happy!
And so does this one. My mom is so cute.

I made Melissa a calendar with the girls and a scrapbook (kindof a year in review deal)....those pictures coming soon!

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Glynis said...

Cute t's. I think that's hilarious that you created these Ming Ming T's. I put that show on for my 7 month old, but I think I'm the one who actually ends up watching it.


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