Thursday, December 17, 2009

Colorful Deer Pajamas and Free Food!

I have been working on looooots of crafty stuff for Christmas, but it will have all to wait another 9 or 10 days to be posted so! These are a couple really exciting purchases I made recently...

One $7 pair of extraordinarily cute flannel deer pajama pants...I've really needed new pajama pants for a really long time, it's an early Christmas present to me! They're from Old Navy, but it looks like they're sold out of this particular pattern online! And...THIS ...Adam and I buy each other one of these EVERY year for's just such a good idea...and cute too!

I'll try to make something crafty to share (haha, maybe!) today!

Hugs! Amber

1 comment:

Roger & Lisa said...

Amber... I have a flannel pair of pj bottoms from Old Navy as well-- they are pumpkins (fall-ish)... i love them and have worn them for years (7 or so)... they never wear out; if the house was on fire they are the one clothing item i'd want to save...enjoy!!!


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