Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Presents

I got sooo many wonderful presents this year...Adam and I are SO thankful for both sides of our families and are (every year, more so!) in awe of their insane generousity. That said, there is no way I can even get EVERYTHING I got on here, it was so much!!, so I just want to highlight some of the things I was super excited about getting...

My sweetie pie husband bought me some beautiful pearls...and it was a total surprise, which made it even better! From Adam's parents: a very "me" Vera Bradley purse... ...and a Cricut Expression!!!!! To say I was DELIGHTED would be like, the understatement of the year. =D!My Nanny took me shopping and I picked out this dress, which I LOVE, along with lots of other things, including some spending money!

From my parents...they got me SO much too...lots of things I have been wanting but never buy...she just knows me so well, it's amazing. I love you, Mama! Thanks to you and Daddy for everything, I loved each and every single thing!!

I am super excited to finally be getting this book...I've already looked through it a couple of times...I just love her style!
I also got lots of gift cards, yummy candy, and tons of other stuff I wanted. Adam got tons of stuff too, and we are amazed at how blessed we really are! =)


godlyrose said...

Christmas sounded wonderful!

Lindzie said...

I got an Expression too! I love it!


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