Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter Recap!

Thanks for being patient - or not so patient, depending on who you are - with the lack of blog season is finally over and the catch up posts are in full swing, as are my creative endeavors - lots of fun stuff headed to blogland. But first, a recap of Easter and a cute, easy DIY hair accessory.
This was the dear hubby & me Easter morning:
I didn't have time to shop for anything new, so I shopped my closet for something springy...and instead, made a new matching hair accessory...
I took a doily from Sweet Vintage and a strip of the cute Dear Lizzy fabric paper, and pleated the self-adhesive fabric paper into a circle and stuck it to the doily. I then grabbed a giant button out of my stash and sewed the button and the whole ensemble onto a bobby pin at the same time. Voila...quick and easy...
It is much harder to take pictures of the back of your head in a car than it is to actually make the hairpiece!! In between a gazillion tries, I took a picture of my handsome husband.
The end. Have a beautiful day!!

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