Monday, October 5, 2009

Taylor's Day at the Zoo!

My mom took Taylor to the zoo this past week and I went along (photographs, people!)...cause they're two of my favorite people in the world! Anyways...there's a TON of photos so I just tried to grab a highlight...she loved wearing her sunglasses, pushing the stroller more than riding in it, the alligators (ugh!), and feeding the goats. She also LOVED eating lunch (haha!) which consisted of cheese, tomatoes, sandwiches, chips and reese pieces! Yum! Then we went to Pier Park for a little shopping trip and Taylor fell in love with the manikin at Old Navy...she kept saying "I love this shirt on you...with this is just very cute!" and wanted me to take a TON of pictures with her. It was very cute! Then we rode the carousel (salvaged from the local amusement park) and within minutes of driving home, she was konked out. It was a super fun day! =) It almost makes me want to have kidsnow....almost. ;)

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