Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Best Invention Ever!

If you are busy like me, but still like cooking...you probably use a crockpot at least once every week or two...if you don't use these CrockPot liners...you SHOULD! A dear friend at church introduced them to me and her husband bought me a couple of boxes of them, and let me just tell you, I am SOLD! They are the best thing ever...they save so much time on clean-up!

1 comment:

Mary said...

Hi Amber, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I never use a crockpot. I need to be taught how to cook with one. But I don't think I would feel my food was safe being cooked in plastic. I think cooking in a glass liner or the crocery itself would be the foodsafe way to go. :)I think I have used my crockpot two times.


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