Tuesday, February 3, 2009


A few favorite links + thoughts for today:

1) Martha Stewart's Handmade Valentines Day Workshop - sign up for emails here.

Some new favorite Etsy shops:
2) Heather Knitz, especially these cuties...if you have a little girl, how can you not want to make/buy these little jokers?
3) Mud Pottery...with lots of heart.
4) Dandy Apples, love these poppy clips.
5) Tuscany Studios, love this print.
6) Murdock Designs, love these.
7) Along the same lines as #2, WainbowMudd.
8) Finally, love this fabric from Of Paper and Thread...so cute for little baby onesie applique.

I really love Valentines day...mostly because I'm girly and tons of pink & hearts & lace is really appealing. I have been working on a little craft project for Adam's Valentines Day gift, but it's a secret until the 14th...just in case he checks in on the blog!

I also am making a very small something for a handful of people who are close to me to remind them just how thankful I am to God for people who I love and who love me back. So, you have all that to look forward to in just a few days.

For now though, it's the weekly homework/clean/cook/school routine. It seems that creativity is mostly for the weekends. =) Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

doris said...

can't wait to see the vday pretties! :D


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