Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Classes & Tests

So I have been busy, as usual...tests, and classes and a bout with a cold for a day or two. All of which has meant a neglected blog...you just can't do it all, you know! =)

Doris Sander was so nice to invite me to take her class, Product Pizzazz on the house, and I, of course, was thrilled to my toenails to say YES! I "met" this lady through winning 2nd place in Jenni Bowlin's contest (post here)...and she has so nicely posted comments on my blog ever since! The lesson's are in PDF format so that you can work on your own pace at your own time.

Since Adam is usually gone on Saturdays (deer season...or duck season...or turkey season...), my goal is to clean/maintain the house + study/do homework during the week, so that I can do creative things on the weekend. Recently, that hasn't happened (due to about a month of deep cleaning/purging), but yesterday, I got right out of bed andddd: cleaned, washed (washed & washed & washed) clothes, paid bills, crushed soda cans, went to work, estimated our taxes, changed the sheets, folded clothes, went by sams, and cooked dinner....SO! This week, I have a pretty good head start!! =)

I hate posting without a picture or two, so here's a couple random shots:

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