Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grandma + a Trip to the Strawberry Farm = Berry Sweet!

A few weeks ago, when my mom was in town for the weekend, we decided to go strawberry picking with Taylor & cheesy, scrapbooker Auntie Amber style, I bought them matching strawberry shirts from Target...haha!But seriously, is that too cute or what??!We looked at all the animals around the farm...Taylor demonstrating how big the peacock's tail gets...though it refused to show off for us...They both recognized the turkey as Uncle Adam has been teaching them all thing turkey (we have a turkey decoy they play with and he even lets them (with careful supervision) try to do his turkey calls)........On to the strawberries!Tori liked eating them much, much better than finding them...can you tell?This is pretty much what her mouth looked like the whole time...haha!After we picked the strawberries, we went back for a quick peek at the animals again...hoping the peacock would spread its feathers. All of the sudden Tori starts saying over and over "Aw, look at the baby peacock!" I thought she was talking about the turkey hens one pen over, but my mom helped me understand that she actually meant...the peacocks poop! (which truthfully, did sort of resemble a baby bird type shape...hahahaha!)

Then it was off to Auntie Amber's to spend the night - and sprinkler fun!

It really was a very, very fun day. :)

Hope you have a great weekend! Amber

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