Friday, July 2, 2010

Shower Food Is The Best...

Don't you think? I'm a big fan of lots of little snack foods and cheese dips and meatballs. Yum. We had a baby shower in honor of Russell (one of my bosses) becoming a first time grandaddy!
Mindy made yummmmmy blueberry cupcakes...mmm!
We wrapped each present individually...
And I made a card....I actually fixed this to say "Congrats on your new GRAND baby" but forgot to take a picture afterwards!
Have I ever mentioned I'm a big fan of "occasions to celebrate"? I am. I love babies, baby showers, birthdays, birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays, etc. It's just fun to me!
Anyways, Russell's son had his baby! He is so cute! And the grandparents are just glowing! It almost makes me want to make our parents this happy...but not quite yet! ;) (Sorry, Mama!)

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