Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Stuff & Giveaway Reminder

Today I have...
1) Spent some quality time with the Lord
2) Unloaded/Reloaded my dishwasher
3) Packed my Lunch
4) Dropped off my insurance bill
5) Picked up a couple of presents for special people (including sweet Miss Tori...happy birthday cutie!)
6) Ironed my clothes for "date-night" tonight.
7) Took Adam's check to the bank
8) Got a Haircut
9) Worked
10) Met a friend for lunch
11) Done a few creative things!
12) Blog-hopped with the Pink Paislee crew

And it's only 1:16. Sigh. That is nice. It so rarely comes together so nicely like that. Just checking off the checklist.

What's left?? Mostly fun stuff...
1) Dinner with my sweet husband at a yummy steakhouse (and we have a gift certificate so that makes it even better!)
2) Some birthday presents to give to my S-I-L, whose birthday was yesterday.
3) Yard Sale planning
4) AIS project for school

If it's hard for you to believe I am posting without a picture, well, it's hard for me to believe too. I'm on a different computer, buuut cute pictures are coming SOON! =)

DON'T FORGET MONDAY'S GIVEAWAY...closes this Monday (4/6) at Midnight.

Have a great weekend! Amber


Cami said...

I got the cards today in the mail! Thank you so much! I love them and I already sent one to my hubby who is NC while I'm in UT. Perfect for us. Love cards! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Geralyn Gray said...

I can't remember if I let you know I rec'd the jewelry book from your giveaway-----thanks!!!!!its great and I blogged about it yesterday with a link.....I hope you had a nice dinner with your hubby.


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