Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coffee Filter Flowers for Mother's Day

I hope I haven't posted about this already (if I have forgive me!) but this is how you can make fun, giant, coffee filter flowers.

What you need:
Washable Crayola Markers (bright colors work best)
Coffee Filters (the round, ruffly edge kind)
Paper Towels
A half-full glass of water
Paper Plates
Cheap Latex Gloves
White/Green Floral Stems (the wire kind, about 99 cents a pack)

1. Smooth and fold the coffee filter into fourths.

2. Color on both sides of the fourth firmly, keeping in mind that you can have eclectic designs (coloring in different places on both sides) or a pattern (by coloring the same pattern on both sides). Color heavily so that the ink sinks through to the center (open the coffee filter to check and make sure the color is bleeding through!)

3. When finished, gently place in water so that about 2/3 of the filter is submerged. The water should trickle up to the top, if not, gently poke down until the entire filter is wet and the colors have swirled.

4. Using the gloves, pull out the colorful coffee filter and gently open. Blot with a paper towel and lay on a paper plate to dry. You'll need fresh water each time you dunk. =)

5. Once you get three of four of these done and dried out, take the floral wire and poke it through the center of the layered coffee filters. Make a ring or knot at the top to look like a stamen, then twist the layers and the floral wire around the bottom to hold it in place. Use a little floral tape to really secure them (Scotch tape could work too!) Voila. Giant Paper Posies for mom!

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