Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coffee Filter Flowers...

So I kept Tater today....and boy, did we have fun. We made coffee filter tie-dye (which we later turned into paper posies), finger-painted with Crayola's Color Wonder (I LOVE that stuff!), made headbands, made "crazy crayons," ate lunch with Adam, colored all over the driveway with sidewalk chalk, made a gazillion cupcakes, played with Play-Doh and went to Pump-It-Up!

For those of you who don't know what Pump-It-Up is, here's a link. In addition to booking parties there, they have pop-in times for kids ages 2-6 (and 6-??). I bought two $50 gift certificates at a silent auction locally for only $20. Each gift card is good for ten visits...so basically, today's trip to Pump-It-Up was SERIOUSLY the best $1 I ever spent.

Plus, during her nap-time, I even squeezed in a teensy weensy bit of scrapbooking!

Pictures soon! =)

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