Wednesday, March 18, 2009

$8 Dollar Prescription Glasses

What?! Yes, it's true. This site offers prescription glasses at a mere $8, with flat-rate 4.95 shipping. I ordered three new pairs (below being my favorite) and was THRILLED with the results. The total order for three pairs of glasses + shipping = 28.95. WHOA! If you need glasses, or want to try out a new style, this is the way to go. They even package it in a cute little blue glasses case with a glass cleaning cute!

P.S. Thanks to Ariel for my beautiful (and most favoritest) scarf! I heart it.



Hello Amber,
Thanks for taking the time to comment. And I'm glad you mentioned that you found me on Ebay :)
First Congratulations on your newly married status. That's exciting!
I also wanted to mention that Hallmark should be embarrassed at the cards they have for sale ;) and should check your's out. They are fantastic! And of course since I'm partial to pink my favorite one is the pink patchwork type one that's for a baby.
And last I saw your SIS blinkie on your blog, and I just love Martha Bonneau her blog is "mugsy boo". And I also agree that Elizabeth Kartchner is great!

Michelle Vandepol said...

i love that scarf too. great color. i love it so much -- it's the same color as my front door


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