Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today's To Do List

2. Back Up Pictures**
3. Deposit Adam's Check
4. Clean Out Refrigerator
5. Laundry
6. Computer Project
7. Financial Project
8. Bonefish Project
9. Obligatory Obligations***

What I would really like to do is clean out my garage and reorganize the spare bedroom. But it looks like I'm already booked...as per usual!

Hoping to post some pictures later this afternoon! =) Ya'll have a fantastic day! Amber

*I couldn't justify waiting in line to vote early when I could vote the day of with a five minute wait. So I waited to vote until today. Get out there and vote today, it is SO important!
**Because our computer is totally hosed up with massive picture files. It is not even funny!
***Sigh. SIGH! Sigggggghhhhh. (Huffing does not make it "better" but it does seem to make it slightly more bearable!)

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