Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun + Sad.

So the FSU game was so, so fun. Some friends of ours invited us, plus itwas blackout night and that was so awesome..the whole stadium was black, the uniforms were black, the cheerleaders uniforms were black. Really fun concept. We, of course, were black also!
Krystal actually knew the yellow glittered guy from high school, so we were able to get a picture! It's such a small world. See the blackout glittered guy?! =)
You may be thinking? So what's the sad part?
Well, we lost. Again. Sigh. Sad, sad sigh. It really is sad, but on the other hand, we really did have a great time! =)
On a scrapping note, I bought the CUTEST Making Memories calendar (I looked for a picture, but can't seem to find one) But the pages are already patterned paper designs, and then there
are a bunch of embellies...stickers, mini alphas, buttons and flowers. Sigh. It has lots of pieces of ledger paper and blue and pink gorgeousness. I got it from Michaels and it has a chipboard artisan edge cover. I am making one for me (and for a gift!) Go check it out at your local Michaels! =)

Have a wonderful day! =)

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