Monday, December 1, 2008


Hello folks! Jjust a quick page with some engagement pictures Aunt Kim & Danielle took last December...finally getting scrapped. I kept this monochromatic with mostly green tones.
I am SO happy that I have successfully managed to keep this Christmas cactus alive...and as Christmas approaches, it is starting to show off it's sweet little buds!
A few weeks back, a Starbucks opened just around the corner from me, and I celebrated (hehe!) by buying a double chocolate chip frap! I haven't splurged on Starbucks in a long time and it was a TASTY treat! (I also bought a rice krispie treat, but by the time I got home, it was already eaten!)
And remember, random posts are better than no posts at all! Amber


doris said...

lovely! and yay for a blooming christmas cactus! :D

Kim said...

Amber...I don't know how but I found your blog when I was looking at something else.
Love the page you did with the pics. Too cute.

Love ya!
Aunt Kim


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