Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas To-Do List

I have been busy, busy this month. Not with what I would have liked to have been busy with either...mostly work and school, and house-cleaning. So I am cramming in the homemade holiday gifts this week and next week. Calendars and scarfs and sweet photo carousels, to name a few. Hoping to show (completed!) pictures soon! =D

For my own personal use, I am making a quick Christmas To-Do List...
1. Finish calendars (5)
2. Wrap Gifts
3. Finish Photo Carousels
4. Christmas Cards - mailed!
5. Make Hand-knotted scarves (2)
6. Make Goodie Baskets Friday & Saturday (6)
7. Make Card Packs (3)

I have greater aspirations, but these are the things that really need to be done! =) Which means, lots of crafty pictures coming this way...soon!!

I am also keeping my sweet little Taylor this Friday...she is just getting too big! She helped me do our Christmas craft ornaments this past Wednesday and one of the ornaments was a foam baby Jesus in the manger (with glitter and stars...really adorable). I asked her who that was and at first she said a baby. I told her, yes, it was baby Jesus. "Taylor, do you love Jesus?" I said, and she replied..."Yes, He's my savior," in the most sincere, sweet little voice. I almost was just precious. Keeping her is definitely a highlight of my week.

Well, off to work and then (hopefully!!) Target and Ross?? I need to find some Christmasy clothes for our work parties...

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doris said...

it was so fun loading your lovely layouts in the gallery this month!

congrats on the printer!

go amber go!!! :D


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