Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday & Some Inspiration

Today is my birthday so there! Yesterday we had a ton of people over (translation - I cleaned, ran errands, locked my keys in my car, slaved over the stove and after 15+ people ate dinner, I cleaned some more) in honor of my birthday and Joel's birthday (Adam's BF) whose birthday was actually yesterday. It was really fun. I love cleaning and cooking for the most part (I just hate vaccuuming!) and I got some beautiful presents.

Plus, my favorite two princesses - Miss Taylor and Miss Tori were there in full beauty and excitement - made my day. I'll post some pictures soon. =)

I have a ton of creative pictures to share (as well as birthday photos) but since I'm short on time this morning, I will leave you with a little inspiration:

Amy Tan

I am making a little scrapbook wall art clothesline and I really want to do something along this theme for one of the cute.

Pictures to come from the big twenty year old!


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