Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cards & Birthday Pictures

A couple pictures from Tuesday Dinner - the star of the show and my official present-opener, Miss Tay.
Treated myself to birthday breakfast - Chick-fil-A Minis...MMMMMM! Some cards I made recently - one for a friend going through a difficult time, the other two for friend's birthdays. Quick & easy style:

Some Martha Stewart favorites popping up around my house: pink polka coasters (from WALMART!) and felt doilies (also from Wal-Mart!) I think these coasters would make such a cute mini book, I have big plans for them! =)

More projects to come this week (I'm idly spending my week in a hotel room whilst Adam is going to training! Time to post, create, and watch the Olympics...yay!)

1 comment:

Thee Book Club said...

Fabulous cards and layouts!! Love your little girls outfit (pink & orange) - my little love has the same one!!


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