Thursday, December 30, 2010

Passing the CPA Exam!

So..trying hard to get back on the blog train with some pre-posts at least...but with the exam, moving, and then Christmas, I am so out of the groove! I have a ton of things to post, though, so I am really hoping to get at least a few posts up with some "happenings"...first things first though, I passed the CPA exam. Yaaaay! Yaaay! YAAAAY! =) And the sweet ladies at my work threw me a little CPA celebration DAY...
Balloons & a sweet card!!
Lunch at Olive Garden...yum yum! Lasagna, soup & breadsticks! Then later in the afternoon, we had a cupcake party! Yummmm!
Hello adorable cupcakes!!
And my favorite - a yummy peanut butter cupcake!
Passing the CPA exam really was one of my top five happiest life moments...!!!!!!


godlyrose said...


JBS said...

congratulations! that cupcake tree looks so YUM! - doris

Bisk CPA Review said...


Congratulations on your passing of the CPA Exam. We know that only the most committed and hard-working people can pass this arduous exam! You should feel very good about yourself (we’re sure you already do).

Again, congratulations and best of luck in your future endeavors.

Bisk Education, CPA Review


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