Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve!

This year, we did the girl's Christmas at our house on Christmas Eve Eve!! Usually we do it with my parent's but the scheduling didn't work out right, so we did it separately this year...we started out the night with pizza and some blue (pixie stick + blue koolaid) tongues!!Then we quickly progressed to PRESSSEEEENNNTTSS!Look at these happy faces!! There were lots of cute outifits (that Uncle Adam thought were fun to throw on Tori's head)...
And princess LIPGLOSS!Which they slathered on quickly, and then wanted to kiss Uncle Adam...
He was game with kisses, but when Tori tried to apply lipgloss to Uncle Adam, he sadly had to draw the line and sweetly inform them, that "boys don't wear lipgloss!"
So he got more kisses instead!
(All part of the girls plan to lipglossify Uncle Adam!!)
The best presents were of course, matching princess, pink, glittery, heartified scooters for each of them.
Tori LOVED putting her lipgloss in the front bag, zipping it up, scooting two feet, stopping, unzipping her pouch, re-applying her lipgloss, and repeating...over, and over. It was SO, so, SO funny and cute!Then Taylor wanted to put on one of her new shirts and told Tori that if she wanted to look pretty too, she (Taylor) would help her (Tori) put on her new shirt, too! Haha! So Tori put on her new shirt too and we took pictures!
They then proceeded to play with all of my shatterproof ornaments and rearranged them until it was time to go. Merry Christmas to my two sweethearts!! Uncle Adam & Auntie Amber loooove you!
p.s. This post begins my recap of Christmas festivities...stay tuned, much more to come!

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godlyrose said...

What a great time for the girls!


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