Monday, November 9, 2009

Peanut Festival: A Photo Review

Weirdly enough, I don't have very many (or very good!) pictures of the Peanut Festival. Sad, I know. We took this little peanut with us and she stayed the night....
And, of course, took some posed photos (sortof!) in front on my mother-in-law's pretty flower gardens...
...And finally, we're at the "big fair!"
The whole joyous group (Adam's sister and her husband, and Adam's distant cousin - and really good friend - Joel, and Adam & Me with Tater Bug).We played a farmer game, visited the petting zoo, rode the ferris wheel and ate LOTS of terribly yummy, overpriced, unhealthy food...and ENJOYED it, haha! =)
This picture just makes me smile! =)
And in scrappy news, I won grand prize in the scrapbooking division this year with my Callaway Gardens page (awful picture, I'm sorry!)...along with another first place, a second place, and a couple of thir places. I was SUPER excited! =)

It was really fun...I wish I had been in a better picture-taking mood!

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