Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michaels Handmade Holiday Contest!

I decided to enter my Tori Noel Wall Canvas in the Michaels Handmade Holiday Contest! I would REALLY love it if you would vote for me here and if you could tell everyone you know to vote me for me! There are weekly winners for a Michaels gift card and the Grand Prize winner gets to go to a Martha Stewart show!!

Here is the canvas again, with a few close-ups!

I also wanted to explain how I made the flowers for anyone wanting to make their own!! I used several different techniques to make the flowers look like a little garden.

For the crumpled looking flowers, I just handcut varying sizes of circles, crumpled and layered them with little dots of glue inbetween layers. The yellow and orange flower and the large purple with blue polka dots flowers use this technique. If you cut the circles with decorative edged scissors like scallops or pinking shears, it gives the flower a whole different look.

For the large while polka dotted flower and the yellow flower, I just took a strip of patterned paper (12 inches should be plenty, you can cut it down from there depending on how big you want it) and pleated it in a circle pattern. I just stapled the center and added a pop-dotted epoxy circle sticker for the centers.

For the small circle flowers, I handcut two circles in contrasting sizes and cut one slit to the center of each circle. I then gently pulled the top of the slit over the bottom and adhered with glue, then layered then on top of each other with a dot of glue again (it helps if you smoosh the pointy bottoms just a little bit).

Really easy! If you have any questions, please leave me a comment or send me an email!! =)


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Off to vote, those flowers are awesome!!

Michelle Ward said...

OK ... it took me a while to find your entry but I voted "five snowmen" for you. I was considering entering this contest, but after looking at some of the entries and ratings and rules I have changed my mind. Looks to me like Michael's Handmade Holiday contest is some sort of publicity "gotcha". The ratings don't seem to matter at all and maybe aren't even considered. I just looked at the newest (week 4) winners: One is a "JOY" plaque currently with 319 "4 snowmen" ratings, the other is a mistletoe scarf with only 13... that's right ... thirteen "four snowmen" ratings! I found fourteen entrants with over a thousand ratings, the leader has 27,000 ratings. This doesn't appear to follow the contest rules that encourage entrants (as you have done) to get as many ratings for your project because ratings are significant in determining the winner. I think this is a lie. The winners seem very arbitrary to me and I think Michaels should be ashamed. For my part, I won't enter this contest and won't shop Michaels again.
Michelle Ward

Gloria Church said...

Michelle, it does look like Michaels is picking weekly "winners" at random. Ratings do appear to be ignored. And as far as I can tell, quality, creativity, originality ... blah, blah ... aren't getting carefully considered either. After looking at week 3 and 4 winners, I am convinced my entering this contest has been a waste of time. Amber, your Tori Noel Wall Canvas entry should be a winner. If other folks who entered this contest are regular Michaels customers like me, I encourage them to voice their disgust about this contest to store managers as I plan to do tomorrow.


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