Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Very Fun (And Cheap!) Things to Do With Kids!

Hello! So I have decided to compile a little grouping of fun things I like to do with kids that are inexpensive but really funnnn! This first installation is stuff Miss Taylor & Tori did the last time they came over to my house!

1. Keep a box full of fun stuff that you find on clearance. (My boxes have crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, old mini scrapbook kits, color wonder finger paints, long skinny balloons, regular balloons, stickers, kid's meal toys, playdoh, etc.) Pull these out when you really need to get something done (like cook lunch or something) and let them pick a couple of things to play with.

2. Balloons are very fun to these two children...we blew up like 7 of them and had a giant throw-the-balloons-in-the-air-and-chase-them-like-crazy party. P.S. You should do this inside though...this lovely red balloon popped (very loudly) .5 seconds after this picture and two little girls were scared+unhappy about losing their beloved balloon.
3. Pour Kool-aid into cheap ice trays shaped like fun things (I have a penguin tray, a heart tray, and a fruit tray)...yum!
4. Wait til the end of summer (clearance prices!) and buy a GIANT box of Crayola sidewalk chalk and chalk away. (This box only cost $2.50).
Draw the kids in the clothes they are wearing, or draw flowers, houses, dogs, cats, bugs, mountains or anything else you can think of! You could make this a weekly activity and take a picture of your creations each week and put in a small photo album as well!5. Play with water balloons. It was like $2.50 for 250 water balloons at Wal-Mart. Let yourself get pelted. Just beware...it takes a while to fill/tie them all up and about 1/10 of that time to throw every last one of them. Haha!
6. Play with beads. Okay, so this might not work for a boy, but for girls, playings with beads and making pretty necklaces is pretty fun. This is also a good quiet time activity! Taylor and I made a bead necklace and bracelet before Tori came over.

Well, this is part one of fun things to do with your kids or when your keeping someone else's kids (like me!)

Hope you have a great day!

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