Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Canoeing with Frills & Chills

So a few weeks ago, we went canoeing with several people from our church including this fun family:

I think this picture is kindof funny, because if you didn't know it, it may seem that Taylor is our child, but no, actually, she just LOVES Adam. Mostly she loves me, (and um...can you tell I'm crazy about her?!) but she is attached to Adam. Anyways, I love this picture...its so hard to get a picture with the guys in it (and Bryan even half-smiling!).

Taylor with her lovely Mama at the gathering place: Then Taylor rode over to the Canoe Livery with us and I taught her how to roll the windows up and down in Adam's vehicle...which she learned quickly...and then practiced LOTTTTSS. Adam tried to lock the windows (haha!) so I told Taylor what he had done and she told him to unlock them...and he melted like butter. =) Then I took pictures!

At the Livery, with her kids size paddle...

Then we went canoeing...I don't have so many pictures of us on the water cause there was lots of splashing and I was scared to keep my camera out too long, but there was lots of FREEZING water, beautiful springs, cute little girls in our group with frilly cute little bathing suits, and food. It was a pretty big group so that made it pretty fun too! =)

Taylor rode with us in our canoe on the homestretch...and fell asleep! =) She slept on the ride back to the Canoe Livery too...
But woke up in time to want to ride back with us! Dont you love sweet sleepy faces?
Have a lovely day! =) Amber

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