Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have been scattered a bit today:

I love Etsy. I have been doing some serious Christmas scouting and saving all my finds in a Favorites folder called "Christmas Gift Ideas." Original, I know. I put a few links on the side, for you to check out the homemade goodness as well.

My brother made top ten in homecoming court, so I have been making some fun signs to hold up for him at the game. It's fun to get out the magic markers and make quirky posters...it's been (can't believe it!!) three years since my high school days so it's a fun revisitation.

I have also been (sigh) sorting through a delightful (kidding) amount of junk mail, washing clothes, trying to reorganize my creative STUFF (!!) and looking through some magazines. I am seriously contemplating dusting, vaccuuming, baking cookies, reorganizing our files of information (currently it's in several semi-organized heaps), washing some more clothes, going to buy an answering machine and mailing some Ebay packages. I need to do all these things...and my schoolwork. Hmm. I have been a little slack in my theoretical Clean-As-You-Go concept, which means I have a bit more to do than usual.

I have so much to say but since I have so much to do, adieu.

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