Monday, September 3, 2012

Getting Ready: Part Three

Been working on some of the fun stuff for Jackson's room...a customized pillow, boppy cover, and stroller quilt from this lady's cute shop!
Getting all of the clothes we have gotten as gifts organized in his closet!  These two were from Adam's (very nice!) boss!!
Finding cool decorations for his this five foot tall giraffe and giant lion!  I saw them in a store locally, but they were so expensive!!  So I was going to pass.  But then I got some birthday money, and found them way cheaper online, and well...
I got them both for Jackson's room!  
They were totally worth it! I hope he loves playing with them!
I've also been working on gathering my photo props & ideas for his newborn photo shoots! 
(Totally kindof a frou-frou type preparation, but fun nonetheless!!)
Been cutting & assembling thank you cards (although it's a little time consuming, it is so fun to mass assemble a bunch of cards at one time!)
Perhaps a little unnecessary, but I made closet dividers for Jackson 
(and a friend - the pink set isn't for Jackson, promise!!)
Here they are in action.  I find them useful, since as you can see, we already have a few clothes in lots of different sizes!
I've also been working on Jackson's scrapbook & ordering pictures to date of all of our weekly pictures, preparation photos, & ultrasound pictures!
And I made a simple little wreath for his room door!
I still have a massive list of things I want to make/organize/purge...but I keep marking stuff off the that's a good thing!! :)

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